Production and Food Safety

No Preservatives

100% Ripe on the tree

Sealed in goodness

The best way to eat fruit is fresh, ripe and straight from the tree. But what are the options if that’s not possible?

Across Western Australian fresh quality fruit is seasonal and good quality ripe fruit only lasts a few days at its peak. Our dried fruit products have all of the nutritional and health benefits of fresh fruit.

Our low temperature drying process ensures that the vitamin and antioxidant properties of the fruit remain. We only remove the water, and leave all of the fibre, vitamins and minerals intact. Drying preserves the fruit, without any added sugar or preservatives, making our products ideal for people with sensitivities to food additives and allergies.

Southern Forests Flavours creates compact, transportable, nutrient packed snack options, perfect for a busy lifestyle.

We are in the process of becoming HACCP certified.